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Introducing Cloudscale Files

With the recent launch of Cloudscale Files, New Zealand now has a true cloud storage (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) provider.

We follow the truest definition of "cloud" and charge you simply for how much you store, no capex, no contracts, no packages, no minimum spend, and with industry-standard APIs.

Many companies are now moving away from managing their own internal storage systems (SANs), and find that we can do better job as we are storage specialists.

Moving your storage to the cloud means you never need to worry about storage growth. Because we take care of all capital expenditure you only pay per Gigabyte-Month (what you use), meaning storage growth is no longer a captial expenditure problem.

What is a Gigabyte-Month?

We charge in gigabyte-months which is a compound unit of storage used over a given time period.

Your electricity provider charges you in units of kilowatt-hours. 1 kWh is a kilowatt of power delivered for an hour.

We don't charge you for electricity, but we do charge for storage in a similar way. 1 GB-Month is 1 Gigabyte stored for a month.

This is a radical approach for storage! Let's say you have a particular project you are working on that needs to store 10TB for only a week. With Cloudscale Files you would pay (given 4.3 weeks in an average month) 5GB @ $0 + 995 GB @ $0.15 + 4000 GB @ $0.12 + 5000 GB @ $0.10 / 4.3 = $263. Plus any charges for API requests and data transfered.

This is why all accounts with us have no gigabyte limits. If you have constantly changing data storage requirements, this is the same as charging you for the average gigabytes stored over a month.

Free Usage Quota

To make it easy to try our cloud storage service, we allow you to use a certain amount of service for free.

Free Usage Quota for new customers (Per Month)

For the first 12 months:

Credit card required to sign up for account. All accounts are unlimited GB, it is your responsibility to control your usage.

Cloud Storage for Kiwis, by Kiwis

We’re a NZ owned company, and we believe in keeping your data in NZ, on our fast, secure cloud platform. We own our own datacentre, internet bandwidth, and all server infrustructure.

The “cloud” used to mean “overseas”, but not anymore! Our storage service is perfect for NZ companies and government agencies wanting to move data to the cloud but put off by legal complications. No need to phone your lawyers — keeping your data local means no data-sovereignty complications.

Because our cloud storage platform is well connected to free-peering exchanges within NZ (APE/WIX), your internet transfer costs could be much lower, and speeds much faster than overseas cloud storage providers.
Many business ISPs offer zero-rated traffic for data that goes via a NZ free-peering exchange. We can also sell you broadband connections with zero-rated traffic through our HD Net brand.


We've built a distributed self-healing storage cluster that can tolerate failure. All files are immediately replicated multiple times to independent storage nodes within our datacentre in Auckland.

In the event of a node failure, the cluster automatically re-replicates files to ensure your data remains available and reliable at all times.

All our servers and storage nodes use ECC memory to ensure your data isn't corrupted in transit. Data is checksummed at many levels, and old data continuously read to ensure it hasn't "rotted" while on disk.

Developer friendly

Our storage system is designed to be used by API. If you want a graphical way to manage your files you will need to download a free third-party program. See our support website for more detail.

We are compatible with Amazon S3’s main API functionality, so you can reuse your existing S3 tools and scripts.

Public private, you choose

Every file you upload can be set to be private or public using S3 API ACLs.

This makes our storage platform suitable both for people who want to keep their files private (backups) or public (videos on your website)

Private files can also have special 'pre-signed' URLs generated that will automatically stop working after a date/time of your choosing. Perfect for distributing paid software to purchasers, and many other use cases.

Instead of emailing large files you can simply email a url that the other party can click on to download your file. If both parties are in NZ this results in much faster download speeds than using Dropbox or Google Drive.


A wise person once said "Never trust encryption done by anyone other than yourself".

Customers who require encryption must do it themselves before sending data to us, as we could be compelled by NZ law or a NZ court to reverse encryption we have performed on your behalf.

We physically destroy any hard drives that are no longer used

Our APIs support SSL to encrypt data in transmission. Your client may need to activate it (most do by default).
We do not charge extra for HTTPS (secure) requests.


We require valid credit card information to create an account. All our customers to abide by all NZ laws, and all files publicly accessible to abide by all NZ laws.

If your files are marked Private we won’t look at them or hand them over to a third party without a court order.

If your files are marked Public we may be required by some laws to remove public access by marking them Private but we will not delete them. (To the public there is no difference between a file marked Private and a non-existent file, both return 403 Access Denied)

Our Terms and Conditions, and SLA policys are as per our parent company HD Net.


All accounts are post-paid. At the end of your monthly billing cycle we total up charges for the month and automatically charge your credit card.

Credit card is the only payment method available for customers with bills under 5TB/Month.

We accept all Visa and Mastercards, both credit, debit and prepaid (e.g. "Prezzy" cards).

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